“Sabor” is an idea born from the fusion of two Dj related by a spirit of dedication, humility and determination, a bridge of energy between Sicily and Calabria: Joè Bertè known international producer and disc-jockey born in Messina and PaulCam talented DeeJay, Producer and Remixer born in Reggio Calabria. The union of these two producers has given life to a new HIT, Sabor, where four different worlds have been inserted marked by reggaeton atmospheres, Latin rhythms, explosive drop and European flow with the most important featuring by Adam Clay aka “Mr. Babilonia ”, big of the international dance – house music with Andrea Damante’s gold record “Follow my Pamp”, and the voice of Mr. Don, Latin American singer of bachata, one of the first in the world rankings. “Sabor” was acquired in collaboration with Network Records but the main label is Keep Records founded in 2015 by Tobix and Dino Brown for ten years M2O conductor, radio conducting teacher, producer and DJ. “Sabor” in just two days had + of 5000 Youtube views and on, it was also supported by M2O and radio 105. Today, “Sabor” is one of the most played KEEP records by Italian FM radio and web (over 30 reproduction a day)!

+6000 shazam
+9000 Youtube (video cover)
+5000 Spotify

Soon the official video of “Sabor” will be released on Youtube !!
On the Digital Store you can buy all PaulCam productions!

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